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    ...for the truly discerning traveler.

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  2. Hello!

    Come Join us.

    Year round we can offer your group the best the West Coast can offer.

    Crafting unique adventures in rustic luxury for the traveler who expects the best, Westcoast Adventures creates truly iconic Canadian adventure experiences.

    We bring together remote natural settings and ultra gourmet experiences. Unparalleled surroundings, top accommodations and your private guide, who will assure every detail with elegant care, in the magnificent scenery of Canada's wild west coast. We give you the Westcoast Adventures experience.

    Whether paddling in a traditional native dugout canoe, bear watching, hiking or surfing on Canada's wild Pacific Coast, or dog sledding, snowshoeing and igloo building in BC's Coastal Mountain snow belt, you are assured of a journey of a lifetime.

    Michael … you are the only person we know in North America who understands the ultra ultra ultra high end market.

    -- John and Marcy McCall MacBain Geneva and Vancouver

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    Our works

    Bask in BC's glory

    Experience high rope walking and zip trekking in the cedar forests of coastal BC. Join us for a thrilling surf and yoga retreat in Tofino, British Columbia, Canada's coastal wonderland.

    We can provide you with amazing whale watching, hiking, paddling, storm-watching and more in beautiful Tofino, or a superb experience for you and your group close to Vancouver or Whistler. Ask about our spa, massage, water sports and ski additions to your adventures.

    Our retreats take you out of the usual hotel whirl and provide unique and authentic locations, from a private island to a First Nations Longhouse.

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    Here's a video of one of our adventures, just for you!

    We can build the adventure you have always wanted. Westcoast Adventures gives you real experience of the most basic elements of our planet in a way few can. The awesome power of the ocean as you ride your first wave, the glistening magnificence of pristine snow meadows, the profound silence of the mountain as you snow-shoe on a brilliant day, the snuffly friendship of your dog sled team, verdant ancient cedar rainforests, the rush of spray in your face as you zodiac by pods of Orca, and the gentle ocean swell as you paddle toward home.

    You have not experienced the true Canada until you have built your own igloo!

    This is a truly iconic experience.

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